Words can not describe my delight with their work! I could not be more pleased with the "Ghost Flame" work their team did on my jeep. It is not only the work of an artist but clearly demonstrates talent and passion. I wish I could play recordings of the comments I have received, it is truly more than I could have ever imagined! In fact, every bit of the custom work these guys performed for me is not equal to BUT BETTER than any of the work I have witnessed on the West Coast! Their attention to detail along with their ability to translate a customers words and dreams into a reality is amazing! Michael is an amazing artist and humble and his team is as well, a true sign of leadership and a rarity in the custom auto industry. The reactions I get from others are priceless..These guys are the best!!
Ralph, Raleigh NC
Anyone considering getting work done at Auto Arts should be fully prepared to get the best results you have ever imagined. I have been waiting years to get the work done that Mike and his team have been able to accomplish at this shop. The first time I arrived I told Mike and the team all the things I wanted to be done to my car and explained how it was always a dream of mine.....Mike turned and pointed to a wall where it says,"From dreams to reality.." A true statement if you bring your car to these guys. The attention to every minimal detail, original craftsmanship ,and professionalism at this shop is unmatched by any shop I have seen in the country. These guys have changed my life with their work, and I will continue to have them make my car dreams become a reality.
Andrew, Raleigh NC
Warren, Raleigh NC
I was looking to have some custom paint work done on my car, and Auto Arts was suggested. So, on a Saturday I stopped by without an appointment. I was met by Mike, the owner. He spent the time with me to discuss my thoughts and worked with me on my ideas. He even gave me color books to help with my choices. Two weeks later we finalized the design and the car went in. I stopped by several times during the painting process and was always welcomed in to see what they had done. The end result, Fantastic! They brought my design to life. Bottom line, if you are looking to have custom work done to your car, fab through paint, do not make any commitments without talking to Mike. He will give you the time you and your car need to make it perfect the first time. While they will do routine repairs, this is not an in and out insurance shop. They care about your car and want you to be 100% satisfied. Custom work is what excites them.
Bob Gault , Raleigh NC
I want to thank all the employees of Auto Arts for the quality of work they performed on my ’61 Ford truck restoration project. The body work and paint turned out way better than expected. Mike and his crew were a great help with their professional advice and attention to detail. The truck came out amazing. All the body panels were painted over a 9 month time frame. As I was able to finish some metal work or find replacement panels, Auto Arts would paint them. The truck was assembled as the painting was going on. You cannot tell that the paint work took place over such a long period of time. This restoration project has been a dream of mine for a long time. They were very committed to helping me complete this truck. I am very thankful for everything Auto Arts did for me and my dream of having a truck like this.
Chris Falone, Raleigh, NC
Auto Arts Inc. just installed Lambo Doors on my Mustang and it came out AMAZING! Mike was more then helpful on the phone when I first called. I brought the car in Wednesday morning and to my suprise he called me Thursday and said I could come pick it up. A day early and cheaper then he quoted me. Great shop, great service!
Greg Green, Florida
I was referred to Mike by a friend from the Heart of Carolina Mustang Club in 2008.  A few months later I went by the shop and shared what some called a radical idea with Mike; painting my 2007 Shelby GT500 flat black.  Immediately Mike got this look in his eye and said "I've been wanting to do a flat black car for a while."  At that moment I knew I had found the perfect shop to do the laundry list of things I had planned at that time for my Shelby, which has grown over the last three years to include paint, body, and custom fabrication inside the car and out which has turned my car into a rolling showcase to the talents of Mike and the crew at Auto Arts.  Mike has become so attuned to my vision that he has been able to improve on some of my ideas for the car and it has turned out better than I ever imagined it could have.  To this day, even though I have moved out of state, I will not let anyone but Mike work on my car, even though it means driving over 600 miles each way.  When you find the best, why go anywhere else? Every time a friend asks me about paint and body work or I recommend Mike and Auto Arts without hesitation.  There is no denying the attention to detail and artistry of Mike's work.
If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours. ~ Ray Kroc

Number one custom body shop in the area
by kamdigital at Citysearch

I've had custom work done on my vehicles for years, however since I met Mike and his crew at Auto Arts 3 years ago, I 've realized that there is no auto body customizer/shop that tops those guys. The staff is always friendly and Mike puts extra emphasis on explaining the process and giving you visuals as to how the completed work will look. On top of that, I don't know of one shop in the state that you can walk into and get same-day CUSTOM work on your vehicle done, unheard of!! These guys are top knotch, if you need anything done on your vehicle, whether generic body work, or you want to stand out from the crowd, run don't walk and see Mike and the crew at Auto Arts!!
They Rock
by jayrboriotti at Citysearch

They were the only ones in Raleigh who would even attemp to fix my car. My XB has a sick flame burst paint job consuming the entire front end, both quarter panels, and into the doors on each side. After a "fight" with a deer no would even attempt it to restore it. After about a week with Mike at the shop it looks better then it ever did. Also, I was so impressed I brought my Del Sol in for some custom rim work, and custom graphics to the removable top. Bottom line...don't waste you time with any body else...even if you could find someone with the skills needed for custom grapnics...this shop rocks! Also, super professional. Enjoyed getting to know Mike.
Best custom auto shop in NC
By Andrew Esposito at Citysearch

Auto Arts has once again made my dreams become a reality! I recently had an unfortanate accident and Auto Arts made sure my car look prestine once again. They took my car in, beat up and battered, and fixed it back up to look like better than ever. Their unbelievable techniques, skills, and craftsmanship come through every time to present unparalleled auto beauty! Thank you again guys, I am now and will always be a life time customer no matter what vehicle I purchase!!!!!

Pros: EVERYTHING, GREAT STAFF, Professional, Great custom work!!
Great Work!!!!
by SeanS416 at Citysearch

I wanted a custom paint job for my Dodge Challenger engine cover. I called Mike up on a Saturday and he arranged to meet with me the same day. He took the time to listen to what I wanted and even after I made some last minute change requests, he and his team were able to produce one of the best custom paint jobs, with flames, lettering, etc., I have ever seen. I’m a perfectionist and the work he and his team produced is top quality and was delivered by the arranged time. Everyone at the shop treated you like family and was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Auto Arts Inc. for any auto projects you might have.
Jon, Raleigh NC

Everyone at AutoArts is FANTASTIC! AutoArts took care of my car as if it was their own. From the Owner to the Employees I greatly appreciate all the service. I only went in for Wheels and tires but they made me feel so comfortable about their work that I ended up getting my whole front end done as well as my rear end (bumper cover, headlights, gtr taillights and painted wing). I am a car enthusiast and felt 100% ok with letting everyone at AutoArts work on my car. Not just the owner but the entire team is extremely knowledgable. They bounced so many fantastic ideas and concepts for my car Which made it an extremely pleasant business experience. I recommend this location to any who are looking for something that you can truly call unique and yours. Nothing but top of the line work!
Doug, Raleigh NC

In the day of inferior service and support, we-the-consumers have become use to ‘settling’, and accustomed to expecting less than desired. Seldom are expectations met, and rarely are they surpassed. Value is perceived as spending less and getting over. Quality tends to take a backseat and is often underappreciated, or considered ‘over-the-top’.
I want to thank you guys (and staff) for the impeccable work performed on my car in our recent visit. I am speechless with the amount of quality and attention to detail exhibited. We are literally blown away by the results. Starting with the consultation of work to be performed, your recommendations and suggestions, the comprehensive communication along the way, and revealing of final results – the entire process is as “good as it gets”! The quality of your work is by far; second to none and has exceeded all of our expectations!
We look forward to continuing our relationship with Auto Arts, and are anxious to begin our next project in the upcoming days. With the vision and patience presented by your staff; you guys are truly ‘Artists’.